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Sheridan, WY, three days and still here…

Peter D was a kind, generous, old man hard of hearing with a great big fondness for dogs. He came over often with treats for Izzy and thoughts of what Thelma’s problem could be. Monday morning I was up early and he had already been running around town trying to find a place to bring the van. I had called the dealership who could work on her Tuesday, which would have been fine…I guess, but Peter D said Matt down at Midas could get her in today. I remembered Ted’s Towing telling me NOT to go to Midas – they’re expensive – but I really wanted to get back on the road so agreed. Wasn’t able to get a shower in and Adam was already there to pick me up. We went to Midas and there I sat all morning waiting for me to come back and tell me Thelma……


……………had no gas. The gauge had become even more incorrect, probably with the climb and the load I was carrying. I had to give them $100 to tell me that, yup. I told them that should have just been a courtesy and gotten me on my way. I left, angry, and suddenly Thelma magically did drive right. She had a nasty vibration that was like going over really deep rumble strips and it wasn’t correcting itself. I called Midas back and asked them what they did. Matt was defensive and said they didn’t touch anything that could effect that. I turned around and came back to his shop in hopes it would be a quick fix.

That was Monday. It’s now Wednesday and apparently my driveline is bad. Now that the joints have been replaced, I made a special trip to Billings for Matt to have it looked at by a driveline specialist, he’s called Ford, the top tranny guy in town, and a metallurgic man, they all THINK the problem is the shaft in the yolk is bent, how it got bent is beyond me because the yolk itself, nor any part of the line shows signs of damage. Fingers crossed they’ll finally have her done today. I have sat in Midas from open to close for two days, we’ll be going on the third. This shouldn’t have been this complicated. They’ve already gotten $100 from me, the current bill for this repair is at $274, but I know it’s gone up because the drive shaft is being straightened. For every $100 is a week of staying places along my trip. He’s already taken over 3 1/2 weeks away from me. The rest of my money was being saved for a place to move to; I don’t want to be dipping into that. It’s time to cut my losses, turn around, and go home.

Home. I don’t have a home. Turn around and stay with my parents.

I was so looking forward to Washington and Oregon. Sleeping on the beach, watching the whales, trying new foods, seeing new faces, being by the ocean. I love the ocean so. I miss it when I’m away. That was where all of my hunting and this blog was really going to take off. The drive there was just supposed to be a few days of fun-filler. I couldn’t even get to the main reason of this trip. I have $500 left, not enough to get to Oregon and stay, so it’s time to go home.

Time to go home.

I’ve been missing Minnesota, but I really did want to try living somewhere I’ve never been. I didn’t hardly make it anywhere. I could have been on the coast by now if everything would have worked as planned. I guess nothing ever goes according to plan – especially mine.